CRYPSA Warrant Canary

A Warrant Canary is a statement that asserts a negative, and in so doing, avoids the potentially illegal disclosure of information included in a gag order. The next paragraph is such a statement…

CRYPSA has not received any legal process that it would be prohibited from acknowledging to our readers, such as a national security letter or a gag order attached to a court order for data or testimony. Additionally, we are not aware of any vendor, affiliate, employee contractor—with current or past access any of our records—who has been compelled to provide data in any government action.

In the event that this statement becomes annulled or outdated, it is our intention to promptly remove the above Warrant Canary. To verify that it is still in effect, we invite readers and contributors to use our contact form and ask us directly. We promise to respond, and to revise or remove this warrant if the situation warrants such action.